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Fluid art

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I’ve been bitten by the fluid art bug. Resin, acrylic pour, alcohol inks, I love it. And it’s everywhere, everyone’s doing it. Type in #fluidart on instagram and hundreds of thousands of results show up. So I’ve jumped on the band wagon and started making my own style of fluid art, on fabric.

orange and blue violet

I am passionate about recycling, so where possible I try to use recycled materials for all my art works. To make my style of fluid art I used recycled matboard (you know that board used for framing) and recycled fabric. Just bits of cotton that I’ve picked up from the op shop or from Reverse Garbage in Brisbane (my second favourite shop).

blue and black cherry

I had quite a few goes at it before I was happy with any of the results and discovered that less is definitely more in this case. I use Procion mx fibre reactive dyes for all my dyeing and it is strong stuff! And for this project a little bit goes a long long way because I’m using small pieces of fabric that are not folded like tie dye.

ice fluid art

These pieces and more will all be for sale from the 8th of Feb either through my Etsy shop or Facebook  or Instagram. Or you can always contact me here.



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