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This is kind of a new years post but a couple of weeks late!

2017 was a rocking year of change and personal growth for me. I prematurely started a hobby business tie dyeing clothes with no real planning. I ran my first market stall and threw myself out of my comfort zone time and time again almost in desperation! No longer could I sit back and just be a mum.

Now that it’s 2018 (and I am turning 30 very soon!) I can look back on last year and laugh and be proud of everything I accomplished. I set goals and I achieved them. And that feels amazing! I feel more satisfied with what I have done in 1 year than ever before. But I also look back and see that all of those achievement were just stepping stones for the great things to come in not just 2018 but in the next 5 years before my youngest child goes to school.

I went from dyeing clothing to donna covers and tapestries. From buying clothing to dye from op shops and chain stores to dyeing fabric and sewing my own clothing designs (I will post on that very soon). All of which led to creating original artworks that I feel are a true expression of myself and my experiences and being able to share these with my greater community and the world via this rich online community.

As I said, it was a rocking year!

But here is 2018 and it’s time to set out what I want and need to happen this year. So number 1 goal for 2018 is Only do what you love. With each birthday that passes I have come to realise with most things, if you don’t love it you will never be satisfied with it. And if you don’t love it, it shows in your end result. So in a practical sense for me that means the only t-shirts I will be dyeing are custom orders, or gifts for family and friends. I don’t love buying t-shirts to dye and selling them either online or at markets, so I’m not doing it anymore. I am still going to do markets but I’ll be selling items I’ve sewn and dyed myself and the big, badass donna covers that are far more rewarding.


Goal number 2 is to increase my online presence. Technology is racing forward at a hot pace and if you’re not online, it’s hard to keep up. Even though I often loath sitting at the computer or doing anything on my phone, I realise that it’s an integral part of any modern business. So that is why I am making an conscious effort everyday (or at least every other day) to contribute to this online world and community. So far so good with that one.

Goal number 3 is to sell my artworks. It sounds pretty simple, pretty achievable. But I’m finding there’s a bucket load of other things that I need to improve on to achieve this. I don’t have a budget where I can hire help with things, at home or professionally so it’s lucky that I’m good at researching! I need to work on photographing my work, describing it, putting it in a neat little box that is easily found on a shelf. No easy feat from where I’m sitting but I am more determined than I’ve ever been before and I have no doubt in my mind that I am able to create this reality.

And thats it! My 3 main goals for 2018. I know that they’re achievable, with a bit of passion and elbow grease. And from a personal perspective, being honest with myself, then forgiving myself and learning instead of getting down on myself. I know that if I live  that there is nothing that can hold me back.

So Goodbye 2017, you were great! And Hello 2018, you’re looking pretty grand!



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  1. Love, love, love. How awesome you are😊💜🎉

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