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Ok Go!

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This  is it! So I had this idea, upon a New Years Eve, to start selling some of my ice dyed and tie dyed creations! Needless to say its a favourite past time and something I love doing, and with 3 boys under 7 we really needed another form of income and I really need a creative outlet. So The Happy Pigment was born!

Everything about this endevour has been a massive learning curve. When my partner and I first got one of those tie dye kits I was so hesitant to have a go! Afraid that I would stuff it up or it would look no good, especially next to my partners. Lets call him K. K is an artist in his own right. One of those people who can look at something then draw it in such great detail. In high school I use to sit next to him in class and just watch him draw these amazing things! But I have never been particularly visually creative, until now. Then came learning how to set up a Facebook page for The Happy Pigment, and an Etsy shop, and marketing those and getting people to see what I have to offer. It’s no easy feat!

Since that first Tie dye kit I invested in a whole heap Procion Mx dyes and some soda ash to fix the dye and the results are so much better than the over priced kits from Spotlight.

And now I have found WordPress, which has/is becoming another outlet for my creativity. The Joy of it all!

The picture below is of one of the first Mandala tie dyes that I made. The satisfaction when we revealed it was awesome! It was another learning curve.

So on this blog you will find info on ice dyeing, a little bit of tie dyeing, links to other places and of course my Facebook and Etsy pages. I hope you enjoy this colourful journey with me!

Always Love x


First sky fold mandala ever!



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